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Music Radio Creative – Pro Audio Service

Music Radio Creative is your source for voice overs, podcast editing, musical jingles and more. Anything you need regarding audio for your content, Music Radio Creative has you covered. This service is owned and operated by YouTuber Mike Russell and his wife Izabela, they are both amazing. They edit my podcast (Comments Over Coffee) and made the audio assets for our live steam (Nimmin Live) and we couldn’t be happier with the results.


VidCharge – Video Editing Service

VidCharge is a professional video editing service created by me, Nick Nimmin, for content creators and people who use video for their businesses. You record your content, upload it to VidCharge with instructions and we take care of the rest. VidCharge is different than other editing services because we’re not a “chop house” that’s trying to onboard as many clients as possible. We work with our clients to improve retention and get results.  To get editing off of your plate so you can focus on making the content, check out VidCharge here.