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Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs OBS is an amazing live stream encoder. It is what connects your computer to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook or any other platform you want to live stream on. In addition to making live streaming possible (and easy), Streamlabs OBS has a ton of built in features to help your live streams look cool and even generate more engagement. Streamlabs also allows you to use multiple cameras so you can really level up your live streams. We use Streamlabs OBS for our weekly live show Nimmin Live.


Streamyard – Live Streaming

Streamyard is a simple web based application that makes live streaming extremely easy. With Streamyard, you don’t have to worry having a beefy computer to run your stream because it’s all handled in your web browser. Another great feature of Streamyard is the ability to be able to send a guest a join link to your stream. Once they receive the link all they have to do is click it to become a guest on your stream…it’s pretty incredible.